Closeup image of Chinese coins on pottery

Financial Donations

Since 2016, the Lytton Chinese History Museum has been committed to preserving and presenting the history of Chinese people in Lytton and the Interior of British Columbia. Although entrance fees and retail purchases help to offset some of the operational costs, your donations and support are always welcome. Please contact us for more information.

Collection Donations 

Part of the museum’s role is to preserve artifacts for future generations. We are grateful to the many individuals who have contributed personal and family items to the collection. When pieces are donated, the museum staff will record information about the item and your relative’s connection to the artifact. It will be given an accession number that correlates to the information on file.  Then it will be photographed, stored with museum standards and the information and photographs will be added to our online database. 

We are not able to guarantee if or when we will exhibit artifacts. We do not permanently affix signs or plaques to objects because it is distracting to visitors who are viewing them on exhibit.

If you have questions about donating you or have something you would like to donate please contact us