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The Lytton Chinese History Museum is generally considered to have one of the largest collections of Chinese North American artifacts.

The Museum purchased 180 locally-acquired artifacts from the personal collection of Al Dreyer (Lillooet, BC) in 2016. In 2017, the Reg Beck Collection (Williams Lake, BC) was gratefully acquired, bringing the total artifacts, archives, and library to over 1300 items.

The collection includes artifacts and archives which promote the Museum’s mission of encouraging greater interest in, and understanding of, the experiences, hardships, and contributions made in BC’s Interior by thousands of Chinese miners, railway workers, merchants, and farmers.

The Collection will be published online for public access in the near future.

From Gary J. Weisz, researcher:

Fabulous would be the best term to describe your web site and collection. Nothing like it or comparable out there that I am aware of. Much larger than mine. Obviously, a ferocious amount of work went into your work.

I will be referencing your site quite often and will recommend it to others… Your work is excellent and is definitely something to be proud of.

Thank you and keep up your very important work. You have much to contribute to our understanding of overseas Chinese material culture. 

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A research area was specifically designed during the construction of the building so that studying the artifacts and archives would be possible. This private area is an ideal space for researchers, students, and writers who may need hands-on access to the collection.  

If you would like to book a time to utilize the facility please contact us


The museum's approximately 1,350 accessioned items and can be found on the Lytton Chinese Museum's Collective Access website. 

This site has images, descriptions, and information related to the artifacts and archives and is updated with newly acquired items regularly. This site can be used for personal interest and research and is ideal for those seeking detailed information about the collection.  

We are able to provide high-resolution images of any items in the collection. Please contact us for details.  



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