Museum History

Drawing of Lytton Chinese History Museum building


In 1980, Lorna and Bernie Fandrich purchased an empty parcel of land at 145 Main Street, Lytton. Soon after, they were given an obscure 1934 newspaper article that referred to a Chinese Joss House or temple at that location in the 1880s.

Lorna began to envision a place that would honor and recognize the culture, sacrifices, and contributions of Chinese who came to Canada to mine for gold, work on the railroads and become merchants.

In 2014, Lorna Fandrich decided to commence with the project. From a graph paper sketch and a basic building rendition, after many hours to prepare the building site and a year-long period of construction, the Lytton Chinese History Museum opened on May 13, 2017.

The Lytton Chinese History Museum sits proudly on the provincially recognized heritage site that once housed the Lytton Joss House (1881-1928).