Permanent Exhibits 

The Allure of Gold Mountain

“Chinese immigrated to British Columbia in two waves: for the Gold Rush and for the Canadian Pacific Railway.”

Black and white picture of people travelling on boat

The Fraser River Gold Rush

“Chinese miners worked their way up the Fraser River, placer mining for gold and jade.”

Black and white picture of people banning for gold surrounded by gold panning artifacts

Reminders Of Home

“Immigrants kept Chinese cultural traditions alive in the form of imported foods, wares and games.”

Display of gambling games on wooden floor

Lytton’s Joss House

“A building located at the site of the Lytton Chinese History Museum served as a Chinese community center and temple.”

Black and white picture of Joss House surrounded with incense and gong

Building the Railway

"Chinese labourers were vital to the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.”

Black and White picture of men working on a railway surrounded by artifacts

Life in the Village

“Chinese people opened businesses and worked as labourers in essential services and industries.”

Sewing artifacts laying on ground

Discrimination and Hardships

“The federal government legislated systemic discrimination.”

Discrimination and immigration papers displayed